Corporate Family Business Structure

Established in 1976, Rimteks is a family business that has been gradually institutionalizing and improving its organization based on business development and excellence for 3 generations and it has achieved even a stronger structure by recruiting a staff of dynamic and young engineers in the last few years.

Renaissance Era

In 1996, Rimteks built its current factory building in Avcılar with the aim of integrated growth and expanded its horizon in the 2000s through its great breakthroughs in quality and capacity and it was restructured to dynamically renew itself in 2005.

This young and dynamic team of engineers, combined with a team having long years of experience, created a synergy that will make Rimteks successful for years.

The new structure, which completely bases organization and corporate quality approach on customers, has strengthened its leading position in the market and enabled the company to outdistance other firms.

New investments started in the recent years enabled faster production of better quality and increased number and quality of service provided to the customers.

Rimteks in International Textile Business

Rimteks, a company that has always been the leader in Turkey with its pioneering structure, is the first firm that produces with Oeko-tex 100 Class 1 quality, an aspect demanded by companies in the pursuit of top quality.

As the first company that obtained and applied ISO 9001 quality system and certificate in this sector, Rimteks now gradually reinforces its status in Europe with its quality and a collection having thousands of new products launched every year and it has become one of the top 3 companies and continues to improve its position. As of 2016, it is has been working very hard to be the leader of Europe in the field of developing new products.

As a company exporting to over 35 countries from South Africa to China, it is the locomotive of the sector. Rimteks significantly increases its exportation volume every year and 75 % of its production directly goes to international brands as of 2016.

Our exportation team is capable of offering service in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish and works hard to meet all customer demands in the best possible manner.