Production and CapacityInvestments

In 1976, Rimteks started its production operations in Topkapı with 1 or 2 narrow weaving machines and it significantly increased its capacity and improved its operations after moving to its current center of operations, namely Avcılar building in 1996.

After making great investments in 2000, Rimteks achieved a monthly production capacity of 11.000.000 mt and then 15.000.000 mt with investments in 2005.

Rimteks mainly invested in machines and customized operations after 2009 and the company now has a monthly production quantity of 23.000.000 mt as well as continuing to expand by investing in different business segments. Our company everyday develops total 6 or 7 new products in knitting, weaving and lacework segments and offer exceptionally quick service by using 350 – 400 different colors in a week.

Since 2010, the company has been expanding and increasing the number of services for accepting orders related to placing silicone on elastic tapes and ready-made straps as well as its ordinary business. It also offers exclusive (customized only for a specific customer) production for special models designed by customers.

Rimteks increased its capacity up to 20 % in lacework, jacquard and special elastic tapes between 2015 and 2017 and it has been continuing production operations for shortening the service periods offered to the customers.

Production and CapacityProduction and CapacityProduction and Capacity