Sobre Nosotros

In 1976, Rimteks, one of the primary suppliers of underwear and outerwear manufacturers, medical textile manufacturers and automotive industry, was established in Istanbul in 1976. Rimteks works like a tailor by customizing all its productions for customers and operates with the mindset of a solution partner of its customers in the fields of industrial tape and fancy elastic tape needs which are primary raw materials of garment production companies.

Initially, Rimteks A.Ş. started with producing all kinds of garment elastic tapes and ribbons, the company significantly improved its capacity and use of technology in the following years and it has been the leading company of Turkey for several years. First, Rimteks started to specialize in underwear elastic tapes and lacework; after working on this segment for years, it has become one of the top 3 companies in Europe. Rimteks develops over 1000 products to exhibit every year in the fairs and thus it has become one of the most important partners of garment and underwear manufacturers with its R&D operations and projects.

In 2005, Rimteks had a restructuring and reorganization process; it was transformed into a textile ships run by a team of engineers in terms of corporate structure and personnel.

In 2009, Rimteks carried customer orientation one step further and increased its services by diversifying its product range with related partner firms based on customer demands in the sector. Rimteks directly exports 75 % of its production and preserves its position as the locomotive of its sector in Turkey. Rimteks produces for the world’s high end brands and it can meet demands from different business segments thanks to its wide range of products used by a large number of sectors.

Today, Rimteks is specialized in production efficiency and continued quality and works hard to offer to its customers the optimum material of the highest quality in the shortest period of time and for the most affordable cost.